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playSome people talk about play as if it were a relief from serious learning; but, for children, play is serious business.

It provides a way for them to express strong feelings about important events in their lives. Play gives children a chance to work out problems on their own, to cope with anxieties, and to prepare for life as an adult by pretending about being grown up.

Through play, children discover the world and learn more about themselves. -- Fred Rogers



Tips to Encourage Creative Play

From Caillou

  • Always let your kids have their own experiences, even if you find the activity bothersome - or messy!

  • Avoid showing them the best way to proceed or imposing rules: the goal is to let them experiment.

  • Be available to answer their questions, but do not help unless they ask you to.

  • Encourage and congratulate them in order to reassure them and motivate them to make new discoveries.

  • Have reasonable expectations and set reasonable goals for your kids: each child needs to progress at his or her own pace.

  • Do not overload your kids with activities: let them choose the activities they are drawn to.

  • Remember you can always find the time to do the following activities with your kids: walking to school, mealtimes and bath times are ideal times to play games.
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