Internet sources change constantly. Some towns have internet sites. Some schools have internet sites.  More and more government agencies are discovering uses as are businesses, private organizations and individuals.  This list will get you started. Try these and search and see what else you find.  As with any other sources or documentation, be cautious about the historical accuracy, reliability, and degree of objectivity of material on the internet.  A visit to almost any bookstore will yield directories of internet sites.  For example:

Auchter, Dorothy, Todd E. Larson, Scott A. Merriman, and Dennis A. Trinkle. The History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1997

Clark, Michael. Cultural Treasures of the Internet. Prentice Hall P T R, 1997.

Hahn, Harley. Internet & Web Yellow Pages. New York: Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1997 [ Caution, some of the sites in this directory are not appropriate for children.]

Pooly, Jean Armour.  The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages. New York: Osborne/McGraw Hill. 1997.
The American Civil War
American Memory From the Library of Congress
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Education Department Suggested Sites
Genealogy Research - Ancestors
Genealogy Research
Godey's Lady's Book Online
The History Channel
History/ Social Studies Website for K-12 Teachers
Mount Washington
National Archives and Records Administration
National Geographic Society
New Hampshire PBS
NHPTV Knowledge Network
NHPTV Knowledge Network-Social Studies Resources
New Hampshire Division of Records Mangement and Archives
New Hampshire Historical Society
New Hampshire Public Radio
New Hampshire State Government
New Hamsphire Information
New Hampshire Schools on the Internet
New Hampshire State Library
NOAA Weather
Social Studies School Services
State of New Hampshire
United States Census Bureau
United States Geological Service
University of New Hampshire Library Special Collections
Also, United States history textbooks will help you review the larger themes that were the background for New Hampshire events. For example, see by New Hampshire author: 

Kellogg. William 0. American History the Easy Way. 2nd ed. Hauppage, NY: Barren's Educational Series. 1995.

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