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Kajika FrogRhacophoridae - Shrub Frogs


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Rhacophoridae

There are over 300 species found in this family. They were once considered a considered a subfamily of Ranidae. They are found in tropical habitats in Asia and Africa. Thy can be large or small species and range in size from under an inch in length to close to 5 inches in length. Frogs in tis family have flattened bodies and wide, flat skulls. Some of the species in this family are flying frogs and can glide. Most of the species in this family are aboreal, but some are terrestrial.

World Status Key
Least ConcernLeast Concern Near ThreatenedNear Threatened VulnerableVulnerable EndangeredEndangered
Critically EndangeredCritically Endangered extinct in the wildExtinct in Wild extinctExtinct data deficientData Deficient
Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist.
Click on the icons for individuals species for ICUN reports.

US Status Key
Threatened in US Threatened in US Threatened in New Hampshire Threatened in NH Endangered in US Endangered in US Endangered in NH Endangered in NH Introduced Introduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

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New Hampshire Species


North/Central American Species


Other Species Around the World

Kajika Frog - Buergeria buergeri Least Concern Asia image
Ryukyu Kajika Frog - Buergeria japonica Least Concern Asia image
Red-headed Flying Frog - Buergeria oxycephala Vulnerable Asia
Robust Buerger's Frog - Buergeria robusta Least Concern Asia image
Cherrapunji Bubble-nest Frog - Chiromantis cherrapunjiae data deficient Asia
Doria's Asian Tree Frog - Chiromantis doriae Least Concern Asia image
Dudhwa Tree Frog - Chiromantis dudhwaensis Data Deficient Asia
Keller's Bubble-nest Frog - Chiromantis kelleri Least Concern Africa image
Nong Khor Asian tree Frog - Chirixalus nongkhorensis Least Concern Asia image
Chiromantis petersii Least Concern Africa
African Foam-nest Tree Frog - Chiromantis rufescens Least Concern Africa image
Assam Asian Tree Frog - Chirixalus simus Least Concern Asia
Gray Foam-nest Tree Frog - Chiromantis xerampelina Least Concern Africa image
White-eared Tree Frog Feihyla kajau Least Concern Asia
Feihyla palpebralis Near Threatened Asia
Ghat Tree Frog - Ghatixalus asterops data deficient Asia image
Green Tree Frog - Ghatixalus variabilis Endangered Asia
Gracixalus gracilipes Least Concern Asia
Jinxiu Bubble-nest Frog - Gracixalus jinxiuensis Vulnerable Asia
Gracixalus medogensis data deficient Asia
Gracixalus supercornutus Near Threatened Asia
Hylambates dorsalis Near Threatened Asia
Ananjeva Asian Treefrog - Graciaalus ananjevae Least Concern Asia
Kurixalus baliogaster Least Concern Asia
Bana Bubble-nest Frog - Kurixalus banaensis data deficient Asia
Taylor's Tree Frog - Kurixalus bisacculus Least Concern Asia
Karin Hills Bush Frog - Kurixalus carinensis data deficient Asia
Kurixalus eiffingeri Least Concern Asia
Kurixalus hainanus data deficient Asia
Temple Tree Frog - Kurixalus idiootocus Least Concern Asia image
Uphill Tree Frog - Kurixalus naso data deficient Asia
Kurixalus odontotarsus Least Concern Asia
Kurixalus verrucosus Least Concern Asia
Liuixalus hainanus Vulnerable Asia
Liuixalus ocellatus Vulnerable Asia
Romer's Tree Frog - Liuixalus romeri Endangered Asia image
Java Indonesian Tree Frog - Nyctixalus margaritifer Least Concern Asia
Cinnamon Frog - Nyctixalus pictus Near Threatened Asia image
Spiny Indonesian Tree Frog  - Nyctixalus spinosus Least Concern Asia
Buon Luoi Shrub Frog - Philautus abditus Least Concern Asia
Pointed-snouted Tree Frog - Philautus acutirostris Least Concern Asia image
Raspy Bush Frog - Philautus acutus Least Concern Asia
Kamboranga Bush Frog - Philautus amoenus Least Concern Asia
Mendolong Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus aurantium Vulnerable Asia
Java Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus aurifasciatus Least Concern Asia
Green Brush Frog - Philautus bunitus Least Concern Asia image
Philautus cardamonus Endangered Asia
Philautus cinerascens data deficient Asia
Horned Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus cornutus Endangered Asia
David Labang’s Bush Frog - Philautus davidlabangi Least Concern Asia
Disparate Bush Frog - Philautus disgregus Near Threatened Asia
Darjeeling Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus dubius data deficient Asia
Philautus erythrophthalmus Endangered Asia
Everett's Flying Frog - Philautus everetti Endangered Asia
Garo Hills Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus garo Vulnerable Asia
Philautus gunungensis Vulnerable Asia
Borneo Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus hosii Least Concern Asia
Philautus ingeri Vulnerable Asia
Jacobson's Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus jacobsoni Critically Endangered Asia
Jerdon's Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus jerdonii data deficient Asia
Tura Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus kempiae data deficient Asia
Kemp's Bush Frog - Philautus kempii data deficient Asia
Kerangas Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus kerangae Vulnerable Asia
Mindanao Bush Frog - Philautus leitensis Least Concern Asia
Palawan Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus longicrus Near Threatened Asia
Philautus maosonensis Data Deficient Asia
Kobo Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus microdiscus Data Deficient Asia
Murud Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus mjobergi Least Concern Asia
Tirap Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus namdaphaensis Data Deficient Asia
Philautus neelanethrus Endangered Asia image
Pangerango Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus pallidipes Least Concern Asia
Peters' Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus petersi Least Concern Asia image
Philautus petilus Vulnerable Asia
Philautus poecilius Least Concern Asia
Lanjak Bush Frog - Philautus refugii Vulnerable Asia
Sacred Grove Bush Frog - Raorchestes sanctisilvaticus Critically Endangered Asia
Sauer’s Bush Frog - Philautus saueri Least Concern Asia
Schmacker’s Tree Frog - Philautus schmackeri Endangered Asia
Similipal Bush Frog - Philautus similipalensis Data Deficient Asia
Philautus similis Data Deficient Asia
Philautus surdus Least Concern Asia
Molted Tree Frog - Philautus surrufus Near Threatened Asia
Obscure Bush Frog - Philautus tectus Least Concern Asia image
Truong Son Bug-eyed Frog - Philautus truongsonensis Least Concern Asia
Triangle Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus tytthus Data Deficient Asia
Pinnacle Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus umbra Least Concern Asia
Perak Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus vermiculatus Least Concern Asia
Indonesian Bubble-nest Frog - Philautus vittiger Near Threatened Asia
Smooth-skinned Tree Frog - Philautus worcesteri Least Concern Asia
Polypedates chlorophthalmus Data Deficient Asia
Collett's Whipping Frog - Polypedates colletti Least Concern Asia image
Common Hour-glass Tree Frog - Polypedates cruciger Least Concern Asia
Montane Hour-glass Tree Frog - Polypedates eques Endangered Asia
Taruga fastigo Endangered Asia image
Samara Flying Frog - Polypedates hecticus Data Deficient Asia
Nicobarese Tree Frog  - Polypedates insularis Endangered Asia
Common Tree Frog - Polypedates leucomystax Least Concern Asia image
Long-snouted Tree Frog - Polypedates longinasus Endangered Asia
Dark-eared Tree Frog - Polypedates macrotis Least Concern Asia image
Indian Tree Frog - Polypedates maculatus Least Concern Asia image
Hong Kong Whipping Frog - Polypedates megacephalus Least Concern Asia image
Polypedates mutus Least Concern Asia
Charpa Tree Frog - Polypedates occidentalis Data Deficient Asia image
File-eared Tree Frog - Polypedates otilophus Least Concern Asia image
False Hour-glass Tree Frog - Polypedates pseudocruciger Least Concern Asia image
Bengal Whipping Frog - Polypedates taeniatus Least Concern Asia
Narayanghat Whipping Frog - Polypedates zed Data Deficient Asia
Labungama Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus abundus Endangered Asia
Sri Lanka Bubble-nest Frog - Pseudophilautus adspersus extinct Asia
Horton Plains Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus alto Endangered Asia image
Amboli Bush Frog - Pseudophilautus amboli Critically Endangered Asia image
Asanka's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus asankai Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus auratus Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus caeruleus Endangered Asia
Tubercle Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus cavirostris vulnerable Asia
Sharp-snouted Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus cuspis Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus decoris Critically Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus dimbullae extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus eximius extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus extirpo extinct Asia
Leaf-nesting Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus femoralis Endangered Asia image
Ferguson's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus fergusonianus Least Concern Asia
Leaf-dwelling Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus folicola Vulnerble Asia
Frankenberg's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus frankenbergi Endangered Asia image
Knuckles Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus fulvus Endangered Asia
Halliday's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus hallidayi Vulnerable Asia image
Pseudophilautus halyi extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus hoffmanni Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus hypomelas Endangered Asia image
Kani Bush Frog - Pseudophilautus kani Least Concern Asia image
Whitenose Bubble-nest Frog - Pseudophilautus leucorhinus extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus limbus Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus lunatus Critically Endangered Asia
Bigfoot Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus macropus Critically Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus maia extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus malcolmsmithi extinct Asia
Small-eared Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus microtympanum Endangered Asia image
Mittermeier's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus mittermeieri Vulnerable Asia
Pseudophilautus mooreorum Critically Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus nanus extinct Asia
Sharp-Nosed Bush Frog - Pseudophilautus nasutus extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus nemus Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus ocularis Critically Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus oxyrhynchus extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus pardus extinct Asia
Side-striped Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus pleurotaenia Vulnerable Asia
Poppy's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus poppiae Critically Endangered Asia image
Common Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus popularis Vulnerable Asia
Pseudophilautus procax Critically Endangered Asia
Polonnaruwa Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus regius Least Concern Asia
Pseudophilautus reticulatus  Vulnerable Asia image
Pseudophilautus rugatus extinct Asia
Kandyan Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus rus Near Threatened Asia image
Müller's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus sarasinorum Endangered Asia
Schmarda's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus schmarda Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus semiruber Endangered Asia
Pug-nosed Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus silus Endangered Asia image
Forest Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus silvaticus Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus simba Critically Endangered Asia
Sri Lanka Short-Horned Shrub- Frog - Pseudophilautus singu Endangered Asia
Grubby Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus sordidus Near Threatened Asia
Steiner's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus steineri Endangered Asia
Pseudophilautus stellatus Critically Endangered Asia
Orange-canthal Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus stictomerus Vulnerable Asia
Stuart's Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus stuarti Critically Endangered Asia image
Sri Lanka Petite Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus tanu Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus temporalis extinct Asia
Variable Bush Frog - Pseudophilautus variabilis extinct Asia
Dark-eared Bush Frog - Pseudophilautus wynaadensis Endangered Asia image
Pseudophilautus zal extinct Asia
Pseudophilautus zimmeri extinct Asia
Gannoruwa Shrub Frog - Pseudophilautus zorro Vulnerable Asia image
Variable Bush Frog - Raorchestes akroparallagi Least Concern Asia image
Anderson's Bubble-nest Frog - Raorchestes andersoni Least Concern Asia
Anil's Bush Frog - Raorchestes anili Least Concern Asia image
Coppersmith Frog - Raorchestes annandalii Least Concern Asia
Beddome's Bush Frog - Raorchestes beddomii Near Threatened Asia image
Bob Inger's Bush Frog - Raorchestes bobingeri Vulnerable Asia image
Raorchestes bombayensis Vulnerable Asia
Günther's Bush Frog - Raorchestes chalazodes Critically Endangered Asia image
Seshachar's Bush Frog - Raorchestes charius Endangered Asia image
Green Eyed Bush Frog - Raorchestes chlorosomma Critically Endangered Asia image
Small Bush Frog - Raorchestes chotta Data Deficient Asia
Confusing Green Bush Frog - Raorchestes chromasynchysi Vulnerable Asia image
Coonore Bush Frog - Raorchestes coonoorensis Least Concern Asia image
Koadaikanal Bush Frog - Raorchestes dubois Vulnerable Asia image
Malabar Bubble-nest Frog - Raorchestes flaviventris Data Deficient Asia image
Southern Bubble-nest Frog - Raorchestes glandulosus Vulnerable Asia image
Ponmudi Bush Frog - Raorchestes graminirupes Vulnerable Asia image
Griet Bush Frog - Raorchestes griet Critically Endangered Asia image
Raorchestes gryllus Vulnerable Asia
Kaikatti Bush Frog - Raorchestes kaikatti Critically Endangered Asia image
Raorchestes longchuanensis Least Concern Asia
Raorchestes luteolus Data Deficient Asia
Mark's Bush Frog - Raorchestes marki Critically Endangered Asia image
Raorchestes menglaensis Least Concern Asia
Munnar Bush Frog - Raorchestes munnarensis Critically Endangered Asia image
Kalpatta Yellow Bush Frog - Raorchestes nerostagona Endangered Asia image
Ochlandrae Reed Frog - Raorchestes ochlandrae Data Deficient Asia image
Karin Bubble-nest Frog - Raorchestes parvulus Least Concern Asia image
Large Ponmudi Bush Frog - Raorchestes ponmudi Critically Endangered Asia image
Resplendent Shrub Frog - Raorchestes resplendens Critically Endangered Asia image
Sahai Bush Frog - Raorchestes sahai Data Deficient Asia
Shillong Bush Frog - Raorchestes shillongensis Critically Endangered Asia image
Cross-backed Bush Frog - Raorchestes signatus Endangered Asia image
Sushil's Bush Frog - Raorchestes sushili Critically Endangered Asia image
Raorchestes terebrans Data Deficient Asia
Spotted Bush Frog - Raorchestes tinniens Endangered Asia image
Travancore Bush Frog - Raorchestes travancoricus Endangered Asia image
Kudremukh Bush Frog - Raorchestes tuberohumerus Data Deficient Asia image
Dull-green Shrub Frog - Raorchestes viridis Endangered Asia image
Kina Balu Flying Frog - Rhacophorus angulirostris Near Threatened Asia
Annam Flying Frog - Rhacophorus annamensis Least Concern Asia
Frilled Tree Frog - Kurixalus appendiculatus Least Concern Asia image
Balu Flying Frog - Rhacophorus baluensis Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus barisani Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus bifasciatus Least Concern Asia image
Mindanao Flying Frog - Rhacophorus bimaculatus Least Concern Asia
Himalaya Flying Frog - Rhacophorus bipunctatus Least Concern Asia image
Kalakkad Tree Frog - Rhacophorus calcadensis Endangered Asia image
Vietnam Flying Frog - Rhacophorus calcaneusEndangered Asia
Rhacophorus catamitus Least Concern Asia
Blue-spotted Bushfrog - Rhacophorus cyanopunctatus Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus depressus Data Deficient Asia
Celebes Flying Frog - Rhacophorus edentulus Least Concern Asia image
Spinybottom Tree Frog - Rhacophorus exechopygus Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus fasciatus Least Concern Asia
Gunung Gading Tree Frog - Rhacophorus gadingensis Least Concern Asia
Inger's Flying Frog - Rhacophorus gauni Least Concern Asia
Tuwa Flying Frog - Rhacophorus georgii Least Concern Asia image
Rhacophorus gongshanensis Near Threatened Asia
Brown Tree Frog - Rhacophorus harrissoni Least Concern Asia
Hoanglien Frog - Rhacophorus hoanglienensis Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus hui Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus hungfuensis Data Defiecient Asia
Black-webbed Treefrog - Rhacophorus kio Least Concern Asia image
Small Tree Frog - Rhacophorus lateralis Endangered Asia image
Malabar Gliding Frog - Rhacophorus malabaricus Least Concern Asia image
Java Flying Frog - Rhacophorus margaritifer Least Concern Asia image
Rhacophorus maximus Least Concern Asia image
Boulenger's Flying Frog - Rhacophorus modestus Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus monticola Vulnerable Asia
Abah River Flying Frog - Rhacophorus nigropalmatus Least Concern Asia image
Rhacophorus nigropunctatus Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus omeimontis Least Concern Asia
Orlov's Tree Frog - Rhacophorus orlovi Least Concern Asia
Panther Flying Frog - Rhacophorus pardalis Least Concern Asia image
Sumatra Flying Frog - Rhacophorus poecilonotus Least Concern Asia
Anaimalai Flying Frog - Rhacophorus pseudomalabaricus Critically Endangered Asia image
Reinwardti's Frog - Rhacophorus reinwardtii Near Threatened Asia
Red-webbed Tree Frog - Rhacophorus rhodopus Least Concern Asia image
Rhacophorus rhyssocephalus Data Deficient Asia
Robinson's Flying Frog - Rhacophorus robinsonii Least Concern Asia
Malaysian Flying Frog - Rhacophorus rufipes Least Concern Asia
Rhacophorus taronensis ata Deficient Asia
Rhacophorus translineatus ata Deficient Asia
Rhacophorus tuberculatus ata Deficient Asia
Htingnan Flying Frog - Rhacophorus turpes ata Deficient Asia
Rhacophorus verrucopus Near threatened Asia
Rhacophorus yinggelingensis Vulnerable Asia
Hornbill Bubble-nest Frog - Rohanixalus shyamrupus Vulnerable Asia
Striped Asian Tree Frog - Rohanixalus vittatus Least Concern Asia
Dotted Bubble-nest Frog Theloderma albopunctata ata Deficient Asia
Hill Garden Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma asperum Least Concern Asia image
Chapa Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma bicolor Endangered Asia
Tonkin Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma corticale Least Concern Asia image
Theloderma gordoni Least Concern Asia
Thai Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma horridum Least Concern Asia image
Theloderma kwangsiense Data Deficient Asia
Malaya Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma leporosum Least Concern Asia
Theloderma licin Least Concern Asia
Assam Indonesian Tree Frog - Theloderma moloch Vulnerable Asia
Nagaland Tree Frog - Theloderma nagalandense Data Deficient Asia
Burmese Bug-eyed Frog - Theloderma phrynoderma Least Concern Asia
Theloderma rhododiscus Near Threatened Asia
Theloderma ryabovi Endangered Asia
Theloderma stellatum Least Concern Asia
Zhangixalus achantharrhena Least Concern Asia
Forest Green Tree Frog - Zhangixalus arboreus Least Concern Asia
Farmland Green Treefrog - Zhangixalus arvalis Endangered Asia image
Orange-bellied Treefrog - Zhangixalus aurantiventris Endangered Asia image
Zhangixalus chenfui Least Concern Asia
Chinese Gliding Frog - Zhangixalus dennysi Least Concern Asia image
Zhangixalus dorsoviridis Data Deficient Asia
Dubois' Whipping Frog - Zhangixalus duboisi Data Deficient Asia
Baoxing Tree Frog - Zhangixalus dugritei Least Concern Asia
Jade Tree Frog - Zhangixalus dulitensis Least Concern Asia
Thao Whipping Frog - Zhangixalus feae Least Concern Asia
Zhangixalus jarujini Least Concern Asia
Minimal Treefrog - Zhangixalus minimus /near Threatned Asia
Nantou Flying Frog - Zhangixalus moltrechti Least Concern Asia image
Zhangixalus owstoni Near Threatened Asia image
Puer Tree Frog - Zhangixalus puerensis Data Deficient Asia
Tributary Flying Frog- Zhangixalus prasinatus Near Threatened Asia image
Jor Flying Frog - Zhangixalus prominanus Least Concern Asia
Japanese Gliding Frog - Zhangixalus schlegelii Least Concern Asia image
Suffry Red-webbed Treefrog - Zhangixalus suffry Least Concern Asia
Taipei Flying Frog -  Zhangixalus taipeianus Vulnerable Asia image
Okinawa Green Tree Frog - Zhangixalus viridis Least Concern Asia
Zhangixalus yaoshanensis Near threatened Asia