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Myriapoda - Centipedes and Millipedes


 Kingdom: Animalia 
 Subphylum: Myriapoda

centipede There are 13,000 species in this subphylum. Myriapoda means many legged and the species in this group have as few as nine and as many as 200 pairs of legs! They have long, worm-like bodies and range in size from microscopic to almost a foot in length.

They live on the land and are usually found under leaf litter, in the soil, or under rocks. They are found all over the world in temperate and tropical areas.

There are four classes in this subphylum. Symphyla and Pauropoda are microscopic. Diplopoda are the millipedes and Chilopoda are the centipedes.

  Myriapoda Classes

  Chilopoda (centipedes)
  Diplopoda (millipedes)

    Pauropoda (pauropods)
  Symphyla (pseudocentipedes, symphylans)