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Spheniscidae - Penguins



 Phylum: Chordata
 Class: Aves
 Order: Sphenisciformes
 Family: Spheniscidae

parrotsThere are 18 species of birds in this family. Penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere from the Antarctic to the equator. They range in size from 1.5-3.7 feet in height. They are black or dark gray with white chests and stomachs. They have stiff, flipper-like wings; long bills; short legs; and webbed feet.

Their legs are set back on their bodies, and penguins have a unique waddling walk! Penguins don't fly. They use their torpedo-shaped bodies and flippers to dive and swim under water. Penguins eat fish, squid, and krill.

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World Status Key
Least ConcernLeast Concern Near ThreatenedNear Threatened VulnerableVulnerable EndangeredEndangered Critically EndangeredCritically Endangered extinct in the wildExtinct Wild extinctExtinct
Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status.

US Status Key
Threatened in USThreatened in US Threatened in New HampshireThreatened in NH Endangered in USEndangered in US Endangered in NHEndangered in NH breeds in nhBreeds in NH IntroducedIntroduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

  New Hampshire Species


 North/Central American Species


Other Species Around the World

AfricaAfrica Antarctica AsiaAsia AustraliaAustralia EuropeEurope North AmericaNorth/Central America South AmericaSouth America New Hampshire SpeciesNH

Emperor Penguin -  Aptenodytes forsteri   Near Threatened
King Penguin - Aptenodytes patagonicus   Least Concern South America
Southern Rockhopper Penguin-Eudyptes chrysocome Vulnerable Africa Australia South America
Macaroni Penguin - Eudyptes chrysolophus   Vulnerable Africa South America
Northern Rockhopper Penguin - Eudyptes moseleyi   Endangered Africa
Fiordland Penguin - Eudyptes pachyrhynchus   Vulnerable Australia
Snares Penguin - Eudyptes robustus   Vulnerable Australia
Royal Penguin - Eudyptes schlegeli   Vulnerable Australia
Erect-crested Penguin - Eudyptes sclateri   Endangered Australia

Little Penguin - Eudyptula minor   Least Concern Australia
Yellow-eyed Penguin - Megadyptes antipodes   Least Concern Australia
Adelie Penguin - Pygoscelis adeliae   Near Threatened
Chinstrap Penguin - Pygoscelis antarcticus   Least Concern South America
Gentoo Penguin - Pygoscelis papua   Near Threatened South America
African Penguin - Spheniscus demersus   Endangered Africa
Humboldt Penguin - Spheniscus humboldti   Vulnerable South America
Magellanic Penguin - Spheniscus magellanicus   Near Threatened South America
Galapagos Penguin - Spheniscus mendiculus   Endangered South America