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Terrestrial Communities

treeSolid earth, it's home to a wide variety of the Earth's species. It comes in all different kinds of shapes and sizes - from the frozen tundra to the desert.

Different types of environments are called biomes. Biomes share climate, and plant and animal life. Land biomes include:

Tundra - Find out about life in one of the worlds harshest environments.

Taiga - Cold in the winter and warm in the summer, the taiga is the world's largest land biome.

Temperate/Deciduous Forests - Organisms in temperate deciduous forest must be able to adapt to four distinct seasons.

Grasslands- Grasslands cover one quarter of the Earth's land area.

Rainforests - Whether they are temperate or tropical all rainforests have one thing in common -- lots of rain!

Deserts - Deserts are the most extreme of the land biomes and they can be hot or cold!

    Did You Know?
cactus... that there are cold and hot deserts.

... that the taiga is the world's largest land biome.

... that tropical rainforest can get as much as 400 inches of rain a year.

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File FolderLearn more about some of the animals found in grasslands, deserts, the taiga and the tundra.

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Patrice looks at, tundra, rainforest, grassland, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, and desert biomes. She then joins Dave to learn how the red-tailed hawk is adapted to a variety of habitats. In the third segment, we take an up-close look at the desert. Finally, Laura and Marshall take a hike with David Publicover of the Appalachian Mountain Club and look at the diversity of plant life along the trail. Watch Online >>


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