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raccoonWhat do you need to survive?  Food, water, shelter?  Animals need the same things and they live in places that can provide them. The place that supplies the things an organism needs to survive is its habitat.

Every organism has a unique habitat that provides for its needs. Animals and plants that live in a particular area and share the resources form a community.  Within a community, organisms all have a unique niche, or role they fill to keep the community healthy.

There are lots of different habitat types in North America. They all provide for the needs of a wide variety of organisms.

An ecosystem is an area where all the living and non-living things interact with and depend on each other.

    Did You Know?
loon... that unlike most birds,  the common loon has solid bones that make diving easier.

... lead sinkers used in fishing can kill loons and other aquatic animals.

... that the common loon migrates from an ocean habitat to a lake habitat.

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