The chronology used in this curriculum is based on common periodizations of American history. We use them to emphasize the connections between New Hampshire and United States history.  The chronology easily applies to local, state, and national history, allowing a course of study to make connections between local, state, national, and world events.
Era Description Date
Era 1 Different Worlds Meet Beginnings to 1623
Era 2 Colonization and Settlement 1623-1763
Era 3 Revolution and the New Nation 1754-1820s
Era 4 Expansion and Reform 1801-1861
Era 5 Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877
Era 6 Development of the Industrial US 1870-1900
Era 7 The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1930
Era 8 Great Depression and World War II 1929-1945
Era 9 Postwar United States 1945-1970s
Era 10 Contemporary United States 1968-present



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