Although interesting and exciting activities make an exciting classroom, teachers must have a pedagogical reason for spending time on those activities. The teacher can use this curriculum as a guide in deciding what skills and content to teach in the classroom.

Standards that recommend appropriate skills and content can be found in numerous sources, including the 1995 New Hampshire K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework.  The table below shows how the focus questions in this New Hampshire history curriculum relate to the New Hampshire social studies standards.  The instructional outcomes under each focus question are also consistent with the standards.

We recommend that teachers anchor all of their social studies teaching in a systematic strategy that answers the question, " What should my students know and be able to do when they have finished this lesson?" this chart is for planning the answer to that question.  Also see Appendix D for the 1995 New Hampshire K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework standards, Appendix C for a list of historical thinking skills, and Appendix E for a list of social studies skills.  For a more detailed version and an addendum to the New Hampshire standards, contact your school principal or the New Hampshire State Department of Education in Concord, New Hampshire.

Focus Questions & NH State Social Studies Standards Chart

Focus Questions NH Standards That Could Apply
Questions 1- 8 History 16, 17, 18
Question 1 - Boundaries Geography 10, 11, 12
Question 2 - Natural Environment and People Civics and Government 3
Economics 9
Geography 12, 13, 14, 15
Question 3 - Cultures, Races, and Ethnic Groups Civics and Government 3, 4
Economics 7, 8, 9
Geography 11, 13, 14, 15
Question 4 - Politics Civics and Government 1, 2, 3, 4
Economics 5, 8, 9
Question 5 - Technology Civics and Government 4
Economics 5, 8
Geography 11, 14, 15
Question 6 - Groups and Organizations Civics and Government 4
Economics 9
Geography 13, 14
Question 7 - Material Wants and Needs Economics 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Geography 13, 14
Question 8 - Self-expression All Social Studies curriculum standards from Art, Music, and Language Arts



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