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Create, Learn, Grow:  Children and The Arts 

Discusses why and how the Arts - music, dance, visual arts, and dramatic arts-are important to the young child's cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic and physical development.  Encourages children not only to produce art, but to appreciate it.  Hands-on activities.(ECE: 2 credit hours)

It's Child's Play: Playing is Learning

BusterHow play and physical activity promote learning and a healthy mind and body. Helping children acquire knowledge and life skills through play. Ideas for indoor and outdoor activities.(ECE: 2 credit hours)

Once Upon A Time: Reading, Storytelling and Children

Importance of reading, tips on reading aloud to and with children, storytelling, age-related book preferences, literacy activities.(ECE: 2 credit hours)

Recipe for Health: Nutrition, Exercise and Children

Importance of family nutrition, modifications. Offers tips on school lunches, eating on the go, and the importance of healthy habits at all ages. Offers suggestions, materials, and resources to jump start busy families and classrooms.(ECE: 2 credit hours)


Taking Control: Television and Children

How is television influencing your children? Addresses ways to use television in the home so it has a positive impact. Explores how to harness television as a teaching and learning tool.(ECE: 2 credit hours)

Working it Out: Exploring Problem-Solving Skills for Children and Adults

Explores different approaches to resolving conflicts, and ways to improve communication skills and instill tolerance, understanding and self control in children.  Strategies for finding win-win solutions.(ECE: 2 credit hours)


For more information please contact Heather Mason Herod at (603) 868-4455 or sadams@nhpbs.org