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The Wildlife Web II - Herbivores and Carnivores

coyoteAll plants and animals need energy to survive. Plants get their energy from the sun. They are producers because they make their own food using energy from the sun.

Other living things are consumers. Consumers can't make their own food. There are different types of consumers.

Herbivores are plant eaters. Carnivores are meat eaters. Omnivores eat plants and meat and insectivores eat insects.

Producers and consumers are part of the wildlife web. They are connected and depend on each other for survival.

    Did You Know?
hawk... carnivores are adapted for eating meat.

... omnivores eat both plants and animals.

... insectivores are animals that eat insects.

    What Do You Think?
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File FolderLearn more about some animals that are consumers.

moose bighorn sheep
Canada lynx American bison
bobcat Florida panther
raccoon American robin
striped skunk American pika
white-tailed deer eastern cottontail 
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In the opening segment, Patrice explains how herbivores and carnivores depend on each other for survival. Next, Patrice joins Dave and learns about an insect eating predator, the brown bat. In the third segment, we take an up-close look at the gray wolf. Finally, Sarah and Cody visit a bat cave with Peter Benson from the Nature Conservancy. Watch Online >>

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