These lesson plans were edited by Linda Betts Burdick and William 0. Kellogg from lessons developed by the pilot study teachers as part of their evaluation and use of this curriculum during the 1996-1997 school year. The plans illustrate the use of several focus questions and eras. The efforts of the pilot study teachers in developing these plans are thankfully acknowledged.

As teachers become familiar with the curriculum, many will develop exciting lessons. It is hoped that ways will be found to share these ideas either at conferences and meetings or through publications. Teachers interested in sharing lesson plans are invited to contact the Education Director at the NHHS.

"Suddenly it started to become clear and understandable! I found a way to begin and a way to proceed that made sense to me... I chose areas that I could concentrate on, knowing that I couldn 't cover it all. "
Carol Sullivan, Derry Village School

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