The New Hampshire Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to this project.

Principal funders for the development of this curriculum are New Hampshire Department of Education and Public Service of New Hampshire.

Numerous groups and individuals helped in the development.  The New Hampshire History Advisory Council helped identify the need and shaped the format of the project.  Committee chair and former Director of Education at the New Hampshire Historical Society, Linda Betts Burdick, curriculum consultant Barbara Pitsch, and teachers Kathy Lyn Begor, Bill Kellogg, and Chris Lewis spent countless hours with author and historian Judith Moyer debating and revising numerous drafts.

The New Hampshire Historical Society Trustee Education Committee encouraged the curriculum project and gave it  continuing support.

The New Hampshire Council for the Social Studies Executive Board reviewed the pilot study and gave their endorsement.

The pilot study teachers used the curriculum in their classroom, attended debreifing sessions, and wrote detailed evalutions.  They were Reginald Amazeen, Tuftonboro Central School; Maud Anderson, Moultonborough Central School; Donna and Steve Beaupre, Plainfield School; Barbara Brown and Pam McAdam-Silver, East Rochester Elementary School; Sandra Cotter, Sanborn Regioal High School; Debbie Dale, Simonds Elementary School; Susan Fernald, Marston Elementary School; Amy Hogan, Melissa Mitchell, Lynn Rees, and Carol Sullivan, Derry Village School; Sharon Parsons, Goshen-Lempster Elementary School; Betty Ann Sutton, Henniker Elementary School; Wayne Van Gordon, Bessie Rowell Elementary School; and Rachel Young, Memorial Middle School.  Their feedback was invaluable!

Dan Dagenais and Carter Hart, former social studies consultants at the New Hampshire State Department of Education, gave their advice, encouragement, and support.]

Professor J.W. Harris presented a draft of the curriculum in his "Historical Thinking for Teachers" class at the University of New Hampshire.

Finally, we give a heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of teachers who attended our workshops over the years, reviewed different versions of this document, and gave us their candid evaluations.  This curriculum is for you.

Sponsored by the New Hampshire Historical Society, a private organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of New Hampshire history.

This project was made possible by the generous support of Public Service of New Hampshire

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