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Selected Works

Poet and novelist Elinor Wylie was born was born September 7, 1885 in Somerville, New Jersey and grew up in Washington D.C. where her father served as assistant U.S. attorney general under Teddy Roosevelt and later as solicitor general. She married in 1905, but left her first husband for Washington lawyer, Horace Wylie, in 1910. The couple married in 1916 when Wylie's first wife died. They later divorced in 1923 and she married poet and editor William Rose Benét. Wylie published her first collection of poetry, Nets to Catch the Wind,  in 1921. 

Other works of poetry include: Black Armour: A Book of Poems ( 1923 ): Trivial Breath ( 1928 ); Angels and Earthly Creatures: A Sequence of Sonnets ( 1928 ); Collected Poems of Elinor Wylie (1932 );  Last Poems ( 1943 ).
Novels include: Jennifer Lorn: A Sedate Extravaganza (1923 ); The Venetian Glass Nephew ( 1925 ); The Orphan Angel ( 1926 ); Mr. Hodge and Mr. Hazard (1928 ).

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