The MacDowell Colony 

The Studios
Edward MacDowell and Marian


  Spread out over the Colony's 450 acres of woodlands and fields are 32 artist studios. Almost no studio is within sight of another and each is simple but comfortably furnished with the artists' needs in mind; all have electricity and heat. There are no telephones. messages are delivered in emergencies. While most colonists sleep in a residence apart from their studios, a few studios include sleeping quarters. Composers' studios include a piano and, like the writers' studios, a writing table. Visual artists' studios have ample wall space, natural northern light and full spectrum lighting. Two fully equipped darkrooms are available for the photographers in residence. Filmmakers with an editing project can request the exclusive use of a 16 mm editing suite. 

Printmakers will find their studio equipped with lithography and plate presses, aquatint equipment and ample ventilation. All common buildings and many studios offer barrier free access. A library which includes an extensive collection of works by colonists is available for reference. 

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