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Joseph Schwantner
 (1943- )

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  Joseph Schwantner was born in Chicago. He studied music at the Chicago Conservatory and received his doctorate in 1968 from Northwestern University. He has taught at the Eastman School of Music and  Julliard.  He is currently on the faculty at the Yale School of Music. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1979 for Aftertones of Infinity and Grammy nominations for best contemporary classical composition in 1985 and 1987. Works include: In Aeternum II (1972); Canticle of the Evening Bells (1975); Elixir (1976); Wild Angels of the Open Hills, "a cycle of five songs," (1978); Sparrows (1980); Two Poems of Agueda Pizarro (1980); Music of Amber (1981);A Sudden Rainbow (1986); Toward Light (1987); Veiled Autumn (Kindertodeslied) (1987); Velocities (Moto Perpetuo) for Solo Marimba (1990); A Play of Shadows (1990); Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (1994); "Evening Land" Symphony (1995); In Memories Embrace... (1996); and Beyond Autumn "Poem" for Horn and Orchestra (1999).
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