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 (1940 - )

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Recognized as one of the county's leading experts on China, Orville Schell was born in New York City in 1940. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Far Eastern History and did Doctoral work in Chinese history at the University of  California, Berkeley. He has  been a ship hand, a war correspondent, a rancher raising chemical-free beef, a commentator on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and a consultant and correspondent for documentaries on PBS's Frontline.  He serves on the boards of the Yale-China Association and Human Rights Watch and is a member of the Pacific Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is currently the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.  Orville Schell has written fourteen books, nine about China. Works include: The China Reader (1967); Modern China: the Story of a Revolution (1972); The Town That Fought To Save Itself (1976); In the People's Republic (1977); Brown (1978); Watch Out for the Foreign Guests: China Encounters the West (1980); Modern Meat: Antibiotics, Hormones and the Pharmaceutical Farm (1983); To Get Rich Is Glorious: China in the l980's (1984); Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes of Reform (1988);  and Mandate of Heaven: A New Generation of Entrepreneurs, Dissidents, Technocrats, and Bohemians Grasp for Power in China (1995).
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