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Meredith Monk
(1942- )

Meredith Monk

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Composer, singer, filmmaker, and director, and  choreographer Meredith Monk was born in Lima, Peru, and grew up in Connecticut. From an early age she studied dance and music, and as a teenager began composing music. She studied dance technique at Sarah Lawrence College. After graduating in 1964, with a degree in performing arts, she became a full-time choreographer. In 1968 she founded her own dance company, The House. Monk combined dance, physical gestures, motion pictures, video, dialogue, her own music and vocalizations, as well as props and sets, to create multimedia theatrical spectacles. Some of Monk's works include: Vessel (1971); Education of the Girlchild (1971); Quarry (1976); Specimen Days (1981); Turtle Dreams (1983); Book of Days (1988); Atlas (1991); and Volcanic Songs (1994). 
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