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Jules Feiffer
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Cartoonist, screen writer, novelist, children's author and playwright Jules Feiffer was born in the Bronx on January 26, 1929. He attended the Art Students League and studied at the Pratt Institute from 1947 to 1951. He served in the Army for two years where he did animation for the Signal Corps. In 1956, his weekly satirical comic strip, "Feiffer," was published  in the The Village Voice, where it ran until 1997. His first collection of cartoons, Sick, Sick, Sick,  was published in 1958.  Feiffer also wrote plays including: Little Murders (1967); The White House Murder Case (1970); Knock, Knock (1976); Grown Ups (1982); and Eliot Loves (1990). He wrote the screenplays for Carnal Knowledge (1971) and for Popeye (1980). Children's books include: A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears (1995); Meanwhile...(1997); and  I Lost My Bear (1998). Cartoon collections include: Passionella and Other Stories (1959); Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl (1961); Hold Me! (1962); Feiffer's Album (1963); The Unexpurgated Memoirs of Bernard Mergendeiler (1965); Feiffer on Civil Rights (1966); and Feiffer on Nixon: the Cartoon Presidency (1974). Novels include: Harry the Rat with Women (1963); Ackroyd (1977); and Tantrum (1979). Feiffer has received an Academy Award (animation), for Munro (1961) and an Obi Award for Little Murders (1969). He also received the 1986  Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons.
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