The MacDowell Colony 

Community in Residence


  The Colony is designed to facilitate a balance between social interaction and focus on work. Private studios available to artists 24 hours a day, together with the dining and recreation rooms at Colony Hall, combine to provide an environment adaptable to each individual's needs. To ensure all colonists' autonomy and privacy, no one may visit a studio without invitation. Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room: lunch is delivered to each studio. After dinner, occasional presentations are a traditional, elective part of the stimulating and supportive environment. Readings, slide shows, open studios and informal performances allow colonists to become acquainted with and inspired by one another's work. Friendships established among artists in residence often lead to collaborations and connections beyond the Colony. The maximum length of residence is two months; an average stay is five to six weeks. There are between twenty and thirty artists in residence ar any given time: arrivals and departures are individually scheduled.
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