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This Irish-American writer and poet, was born in Longford, Ireland in 1881.  At 17 he became a clerk at the Irish Railway Clearing House and wrote in his spare time. He quit in 1904 to focus on his writing. He acted with the Irish National Theater society and was a founding member of  the Abbey Theater. He married in 1912 and emigrated to the United States in 1914, settling in New York City. Colum wrote children's stories based on Irish folklore for the Sunday Tribune, publishing a collection of his stories, The King of  Ireland's Son in 1916.  In addition to his children's stories Colum wrote poetry and novels. Colum died in Enfield, Connecticut, on 11 January 1972. Works include: Wild Earth (1907), The Story of Lowry Maen (1937); Anthology of Irish Verse (1948); Collected Poems (1953); Treasury of Irish Folklore (1954); Stone of Victory (1966) and The Six Who Were Left in a Shoe (1968). 
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