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wolfCommunication is an adaptation that helps animals survive. Communication can be auditory, visual, tactile or chemical (tastes and smells!) Animals use communication to attract mates, warn off predators, mark territory and to identify themselves.

Visual Communication - There are two types of visual communication. Badges are the color and shape of the animal. They are structural adaptations. Displays are the second type of visual communication. They are the things animals do to communicate. Displays are behavioral adaptations.

Auditory Communication - Animals make lots of different sounds to communicate. From the roar of a lion to the song of the whale, sound is a way for animals to "talk" to other animals.

Tactile Communication - When a cat rubs up against you or a dog offers you its paw, they are communicating. Animals use touch in many different ways.

Chemical Communication - Have you ever smelled a skunk? Seen a cat rub the side of its mouth against something? These are both types of chemical communication.

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Bird...there are over 4,000 species of songbirds in the world.

... songbirds are also known as perching birds or passerines.

... some songbirds, like the mocking bird and the cat bird, can mimic the songs of other birds!

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File FolderLearn more about coloration helps these animals communicate.

Red Fox Coyote
American Pika  
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Junior Naturalist Patrice looks at how animals communicate with visual, auditory, chemical, and tactile signals. Patrice and Senior Naturalist Dave Erler, look at the red fox and how it communicates using scent. We take an up-close look at how songbirds communicate. Morissa and Benjamin visit a pond with Herpetologist Tom Tining and learn how frogs communicate. Watch Online >>

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